Tuesday, March 31

The Latest Aftermath

This photo was taken in early March, after an ice storm, a few blocks from my house. It covered the plant life in a frosty white...very pretty, and very numbing to bare fingers.

The snow has stopped, the sun is out, and this is what it looks like out the front door today. That's some crazy snow build-up hanging over the porch awning. Good friend and neighbor George came by yesterday to shovel our drive in the afternoon w/ his 4-wheeler/plow, and we've got well over a foot more snow that's drifted in front of the garage since then. More snow is predicted for Sat. Ruben, a fire captain, is stuck at work 25 miles away; I-90 is still closed but should open later today. He's been there since Sun. evening. Are we having fun yet?!

Worst of all, I have to reschedule my hair appt.

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