Monday, January 3

Finest Holiday Crystal

(I wanted to do this post earlier but I have been sick with a nasty head cold.....)
On Christmas Day morning, I stepped outside to take these photos of the 3-day old ice crystals that had been 'growing' on the dormant plant life and other objects...The beautiful crystals were at their peak Christmas Day morning and gone later the same day...

On the poplar tree branches...

And below it, the cinquefoil shrub...

A house finch up in the crystal lined poplar...the sunlight meant the phenom was doomed...

Will this leaf stay attached until spring?!

The neighbor's chainlink fence...a whole wall of this is pretty cool-looking!

A very Happy New Year to All of You!!


  1. The ice crystals must have been a sight to see...the photos are great. I'm sorry I missed several of your posts, Jann. My husband just returned home after 2 weeks in the hospital and is still recuperating. I'm just beginning to catch up on all I've missed. Your blog is one of my most favorites!

  2. Happy new year jan!! Glad your over that head cold :-)

    Stunning crystal photo's.

  3. Happy New Year! Love the ice crystals. You make winter look pleasant. Still, I'm ready for warmer weather.

  4. Hi Jann. Super shots of the ice crystals. I'm glad it's a bit warmer over here!
    Happy New Year ... FAB.

  5. Hi Jann.
    Happy New Year to you. I do hope your feeling a lot better now.
    Love the wintery photo's especially with the nice blue sky in the background.

  6. Liked the blog and really a unique one of its type.
    The pictures are really a well shot one and also the most amazing one that I have seen.
    Really the last picture i.e. the fence one would be an amazing sight to see.
    Thanks for the blog and doing an amazing and wonderful job by sharing the pictures.