Sunday, June 26

Skywatch Saturday

Summer is finally here, and so are the thunderstorms...Friday we had a lovely show from Mother Nature; the Huz was at work (it never fails) and I had to enjoy a candle-lit evening alone while the rain poured, pea-sized hail piled up (larger hail fell elsewhere), and the power went out for about an hour. Last night, we had an even more spectacular light show, and I took photos before the rain hit....

This ray of sun before the black clouds squeezed it out...was breath-taking!

Things are getting more ominous...note the horizontal bands of clouds in front of the puffy clouds...

It looks like the lightning is hitting the house but it's hitting the Black Hills. The light show last night was just fantastic, and lasted for a couple hours.


  1. I love the comment about the clouds "squeezing out the sun." The spring and summer storms are beautiful, but you can keep the hard water balls.

  2. It came straight from you to us! I was at the greenhouse yesterday buying "repair parts".

  3. Jann, these are outstanding images! So very dramatic. Awesome scenes for your lucky blog readers to view. Great work!

  4. You captured extremely amazing photos of the sun rays, clouds and lightening, Jann. Spring ended here with similar thunderstorms with hail!

  5. Amazing pictures! We had a storm the other day that produced 7 inches of rain! As you know, ND isn't exactly the driest it's ever been.