Monday, July 18

Rocky Mountain High -- Part II

Once we were heading north in the Rocky Mt. Nat'l Park, it wasn't long before daughter's boyfriend C. spied a lone moose just inside the treeline...Huz turned around, pulled over, and I was able to get several shots before other tourists zeroed in on the action...

Turned out, this was a young male...

Across the road from the moose was this female elk...

Another wildflower, Rydberg's penstemon...

Looking back at the valley where we'd been, during a steep climb up a mountain.....

Another view from the same turn-out as we climb in elev....

Western bistort...

The Continental Divide...

Top of the mountains, Alpine Tundra, at 11,796 feet elev. (above and below)

Purple fringe grows in the delicate alpine tundra, as well as several other wildflowers. I've always been intrigued with how wildflowers can grow, thrive even, from the most rugged, dry, rocky terrain.

I'm ready to go back to Colorado and explore more of the Rockies!, we didn't do any hiking...we're in no shape to hike in the Rockies unfortunately, esp. at the higher elevations, plus we didn't have the time. I was thrilled just to get up into the Rockies and SEE them!  Did I mention, I'm ready to go back?  ;o) 


  1. I can see why you can't wait to return to Colorado. So many beautiful sights! How awesome that you saw a moose ... a quite handsome fellow too. Exquisite images! They all belong in a Colorado travel brochure.

  2. Hi Jann. Fabulous scenery, flora and fauna from the Rockies.
    BTW best wishes to hubby on his retirement.

  3. I have visited a niece who lives in the mountains of Colorado, can't imagine how the early settlers traveled over such obstacles.

  4. The mountains are amazing. I haven't been to Colorado since High School. I would love to go back for another visit. Enjoyed the pics.

  5. Hallo! I really liked this post, beautiful photos and a great nature. / Susanne

  6. Stood alone on a mountain top, starin' out at the great divide. I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide.

    The music on your blog is enough reason to visit. Love the elk and moose shots. I'm going to the boundary waters wilderness in MN in a couple of weeks and hope to see one!