Monday, August 22

Hazy August Daze

I finally ventured out with the camera Sat., and naturally it was an overcast day...the days before and after were sunny and clear...I'm just really out of it this year...and am also trying to pretend that summer isn't winding down...but the curlycup gumweed and goldenrod are in bloom...

I meandered around the usual farmland area to see what nature had to offer...

I thought I'd found a flock of lifer birds but they turned out to be yellowy-colored house sparrows...
(Update: Thanks Hap, you're no doubt right about this being an immature or female bobolink! I knew something was off about ID'ing it as a yellowy sparrow! LOL)

Sigh...a flock of European their winter color no less...yikes...

The wild cucumber is in bloom...this vine took a hold by a nail on the post...

The Eastern kingbirds are still around...

...Some with plenty of 'tude...

An American kestrel was out hunting...

Two bucks ran across the road in front of me, into the underbrush...I tried to get a focused shot, focused on the buck and not the grass but that didn't happen...

Sunflowers and chicory are still in bloom...the blue and yellow are pretty together, even on the side of a dusty dirt road.


  1. Even before I saw your "tude"...I thought Boy, he looks like he has an attitude! You captured some beautiful photos of the yellowy-colored house sparrow and sunflower!

    Mornings are very cool here, school starts Thursday...end of summer is near.

  2. Jann, thank you for taking us along on your nature excursion. So many beautiful late summer sights. Lovely images! Stunning yellow colored sparrow and flower photographs. Love the fun Kingbird too. A joy to browse though your pretty blog!

  3. Before leaving ND, I was lucky enough to see my first kestrel.In fact, there were dozens in the area I was. Beautiful birds!

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey! You have some wonderful shots here! I love your header photo...that is so, so sweet :-)

  5. Yellowy House Sparrow--looks a lot like a
    female or first year Bobolink. Great photos.
    Hap in New Hope (MN)

  6. Other than in bird books, I've never seen a yellow house sparrow. Awesome! Even though it was overcast, you had a productive outing.

  7. Lovely, the American Kestrel will be here in Texas sometime this autumn. Some like to winter here in Texas.