Sunday, September 25

Moving On..and Over and Down

Big life changes seem to happen in threes, don't they? They do for us anyway...

A lot has been happening the past 2-3 weeks...plenty of stress is involved, but ~ great news ~ tomorrow we'll be signing an updated real estate contract and our house will be closing escrow in a month... and we'll be moving to Florida finally! The Huz and I are hot and heavy with the sorting, packing, yard sale-ing, stressing, freaking out, etc. etc. that comes with moving long distance.

So, Huz retired in July, the house will be sold in Oct. and we'll be moving to FL in Oct. I think that's enough excitement for one year, LOL. This will be our third long-distance move/house sale in almost 29 yrs of marriage...big surprise, it doesn't get easier w/ age or experience!

We've had seven...uh, interesting years in the Black Hills...and survived seven long, hard winters, which is the main reason we must move on now that Huz is career-free ...that and the fact that we both were born with sand in our ears and miss the beaches terribly...BUT...

I discovered my love of nature photography here in S Dakota and had a wonderful time traveling the Hills capturing the birds, beasts, and botany in the area, starting in '05 when all I had was a pocket camera and a strong interest in the wildflowers when we walked our then-dog in a nearby canyon. I had especially fabulous photography years 2008-2010 and feel so blessed!

This is my last regular post for JEllen in the Black Hills and I thank all of you so very much who have been a visitor to my little space in Blogspot-o-sphere. I'll be creating a new Blog once we move and sincerely hope my regular visitors will follow me there! I'll be covering more subject matter besides nature...everything of interest that I come across in the Sunshine State is game!

I'll do one more post with a link to my new Blog, hopefully in Nov. Keep on Blogging!


  1. Your announcement, though I knew it was coming, leaves me sad, Jann... but excited too! Looking forward to the future 'Jann Made' blog posts from Florida! It has been a pleasure visiting JELLEN IN THE BLACK HILLS! I've so enjoyed your beautiful photos and the Native American music.

    I'll be watching and waiting....Wanda!

  2. How can you leave those fantastic Bison behind Jan?
    I look forward to seeing what you find and photograph and wish you all the very best in your new life in Florida.

  3. Wishing you a safe and easy move. Looking forward to following your new blog once you settle in!

  4. Jann, Best wishes on your move, I'll try not to let you forget SD, I'll post winter pictures just for you!
    Can't wait to see what you find with a camera in Florida.

  5. I commented here twice now, but my comments have not shown up. Let me try again. ;)

    I will miss your wildlife shots in SD, but look forward to your new blog and seeing what you find in Florida. Wishing you safe travels and an easy move.

  6. I too will miss seeing your bad land shots and the sights. Wishing you a safe and pleasant move. linda

  7. I don't believe I've commented before, but I do visit and thoroughly enjoy your photos. My husband and I lived in the Black Hills for many years and after being in TN for a while, are anxious to move back to South Dakota! All the best to you in your new home and I'll be watching for photos of Florida treasures!

  8. Jann, I just found out about you & your blog through Wanda when she was writing in another blog of which I am a contributor. I'm sorry I've missed this blog and your adventures in a state so remote from me in central Texas. I wondered why you chose FL after living in SD, but I see you and your husband are sand-babies. Makes sense. Wanda is sending our friend Anne (who lives in FL) your way & I'll be back for a visit as well. Enjoy your journey.

  9. Wow, my first visit here and you are already moving! Okay, I will come see you over there. My husband is still working but would love to move back to a warmer climate.