Tuesday, November 1

New Florida Blog is Online

We've arrived in Florida after six days on the road...we traveled from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Thru Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama...all new states for us..
Spent a night in a great hotel on the beach at Panama City Beach in the panhandle of FL...
Spent two days with good friends and their family near Orlando...
And yesterday we landed in the area we'll be staying for a month or two
With hubby's brother until we find where we want to settle...

http://findingfloridaatfifty.blogspot.com/  ...Here's the link to my new Blog!

I truly hope you'll continue to follow me there as I explore Florida!


  1. I hope you are going to leave this site up at least for the archive value. ?? d2

  2. nice idea, thanks for sharing..

  3. looking so forward to your new blog and florida...hope you all will be really happy there !!!!