Thursday, February 3

Winter Blahs and Brrrr's

The winter blahs have had their hold on's been too cold to go running around w/ the camera for the most part and when I did go out about a week ago, I didn't get any good photos but thought I'd check in was 40+ today, should be tomorrow too anyway...thanks to those who have visited for the first time recently and for your comments, I really appreciate it! Think spring!!

Recently we experienced what the news called 'fog ice' which left ice crystals on everything again...this is one of two poplars in our back yard...late Jan.

More recently (a couple days ago) the thermometer on the front porch looked like this in the AM...more than just that one day, fun...

I did go for a drive E of the hills over a week ago, saw my first bald eagle of the season but it was too far to get a decent shot. Ho hum!


  1. The 'fog ice'/ hoar frost' and the snow always make for pretty scenes, but themometer readings of minus 10 has nothing good about it. It was 14 degrees here this morning, but the sun is shining, so I will be 'Thinking Spring' right along with you, Jann!

  2. Hang on in there Jann! Spring will get here eventually :-)