Saturday, May 21

Good Day, Goldie!

First of all, please ignore the changes to my Blog design...I got to playing with things and I cannot get the header photo to appear's huge and off center so I've had to remove it. Sigh! Shrink-to-fit is not doing its job!

Anyhow, we had a nice surprise at the feeders yesterday...several goldfinches descended upon our springy green back yard, and chowed down. My first set of photos were mostly a bust, taken thru the glass on top of the late afternoon light, but the 2nd time I got this lone male, below, when the light was better....


Three males and two females...

Not a sharp photo but you can see the pretty wing pattern before this boy shoots down to the seeds...

We get plenty of house finches at the feeders, but they seemed leery of the goldfinches...and the dang blackbirds and cowbirds are spooking all of the smaller birds...

A female brown-headed cowbird at the bird bath.

The house sparrows are really scarce this year so far, but I do see one male and female once in awhile.

We also have a Mt. bluebird pair nesting in a neighbor's bird house, that make an appearance at the back neighbors' fences, but I haven't seen them at the bird bath as yet.


  1. I like that picture of the two goldfinch in the bush. They certainly bring a lot of color to our feeders. We are fortunate here to have them pretty much year around

  2. Love the Goldfinch photos, Jann. I like seeing them fly away in unison from the feeders, when suddenly disturbed. I am so fearful of doing any changes to my blog, as far trying to use a photo in the header. I know you can do it, but I was never successful, so I stopped trying.

  3. Hi Jann. Those Goldies really sing out with their glorious yellows.

    Re header pic issues:
    You need to check max width of your blog header. Go to 'Design' .. 'Template Designer' ... click on 'Adjust Width' option to view entire width of blog. I then suggest that you resize your chosen header pic to match the 'pixel' width before downloading. If you need any more help you can e-mail me direct

  4. HI Jann, Love seeing your birds up there in South Dakota. We have the Gold Finches and House Finches here too. My favorite visitor now to my feeders is a Red-Headed Woodpecker. GORGEOUS. I'll post pictures next week.

    Have a wonderful weekend.