Monday, February 1

Ghostly Birds

Last year I managed to snap some bird photos at the very moment the subject matter commenced to take flight. It makes for some interesting special effects, as you birders well know...I'd been meaning to share a few of the ghostly looking birds for awhile...and gee, it's still 'dead' around here so I'm still doing retro SLR is back from the shop actually, cleaned and a shutter setting glitch fixed, in only a week...I do hope to get out and reacquainted w/ Miss Sony soon...

A ghostly bird or blurry vision? there a bird or isn't there...

This one is my favorite...think it's a house finch...

A starling with ghostly wings


  1. LOL, I was just joking with someone about doing bird photo bloopers. I don't usually get the ghostly blurs. My photos are empty. A bird was there...really. Your photos are fun to see.

  2. Hi Jann. I think we've all got a few of these...blink and they're gone. Glad to hear the cameras is back and ready for action. FAB.

  3. I have many like this too, Jann...all together they make a rather interesting post...the last one really made me smile!

  4. How long till spring Jann ? I can tell you are getting anxious to be out there with the wildlife. :-)

  5. I could sit and watch and listen to birds all day long, but my kids wouldn't let me. That is why I just simply LOVE your blog. Thanks Jann!