Sunday, February 7

Is it March yet?!

...A.k.a. The Other Retro King...these photos were taken the same day I took the photos of the Western kingbirds in late July last year...this is the Eastern kingbird, a sharp bird dressed in formal tux wear...the first time I saw this bird I was pretty excited, but they turned out to be pretty common here.

The E kingbird seems fairly tolerant of humans gawking from vehicles...

...A rather slim Jim here


  1. I'm learning a lot about birds from you, Jann - who knew there is an East and a West Kingbird? Mmmmm - I don't think it's March yet!

  2. I don't know if I have any Eastern Kingbirds that visit here. We do have a resident Eastern Phoebe which I find so similar.
    It's not March here either!

  3. Very nice photos. Tough little birds.

  4. Smart little bird that one Jann.

    Only 20 days till March!!

  5. Hi Jann.
    What a dapper looking little bird. Nice photo's.