Tuesday, February 2

A Retro King

One of my favorite bird watching moments in '09 was on July 28th while out driving the dirt roads in farming country E of the Black Hills...

I came upon a fledgling Western kingbird perched on the fencing, next to a small cluster of trees...

As a drove at a creep, past the new prince, I realized there were birds in the nearby tree, flitting about and carrying on...it was the king (and/or queen), trying to distract me from their youngster...

I happened to snap the concerned parent as he/she flew from one branch to another, and it came out looking like a dive-bomb...I was definitely being distracted, watching the antics...

Giving me an earful from another perch...

Another 'ghost' shot as it flew to yet another spot in the tree. I took the hint and respectfully moved on.


  1. These are tough little guys. They think nothing of driving off the hawks who are much larger. Great photos.

  2. Great post. I also love to watch birds while they are nesting and feeding their young. Great pictures.

  3. Jann...The Mt. goat kid is so cute, it says to me "Spring, Spring, Spring"!!!

  4. A great photo essay of the Kingbird fledgling with his protective parents. I love the Header, too!

  5. Stunning little birds Jann, but also a stunning blue sky, just what I could do with:-)