Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter to All!

Yesterday I went for another one of my drives, again to Custer State Park...I know I sound like a broken record but until it's truly spring here, I can't afford to be driving further distances to maybe find 1-2 birds. Where I really want to go is at the far south end of the Hills; I'm waiting anxiously until May...

There were scads of Northern flickers in the park; most flew off as I approached, but I did manage to get a couple shots off...! Last year, not a 'flicker' of a photo was had...capturing this bird was at the top of my wish list, so it was quite a surprise to tick it off so soon! Above is the male (red-shafted) N. flicker...

This is a female N. flicker, w/ a muddy beak...

I also saw a few Mt. bluebirds in the park, and have seen a few closer to home as well. So, my fine feathered friends are returning! Yay!!

A very Happy Easter to all! We're celebrating Easter a week late, next Sunday, with our Greek friend and his wife, who go all out with an Orthodox meal! Better late than never.  :o)~


  1. Wow!! That blue bird! Cracking little fella.
    Enjoy the easter birds Jann.

  2. Hi Jann,
    I like your wallpaper - just right for showing off the birds!

  3. Your Mt. bluebirds are beautiful, Jann. I think we may have 3 pairs if Bluebirds nesting this year..Like Barb, I like the new leaves and flowers.

  4. Beautiful birds and pictures of them. During the blizzard yesterday, hundreds of birds attack my feeders. Loved it.

  5. How lucky to get such nice photos of the flickers. I have never managed to photograph one. The mountain bluebird is beautiful.

  6. Ooh my. Jann, that mountain blue bird is quite breath taking. Getting a night photo of a flicker can be a challange. You really caught him in a nice pose. I can see why you keep returning..what a sight..and it is just too darn nice not to get out!!