Saturday, April 10

Oh How I've Missed THAT Look!

Another drive was taken on a sunny Thursday, E of the Hills in the farming country...I figured I could get photos of the meadowlark out there, where they like to nest in the grass...

Success! I did get some shots of some meadowlarks this time (my last drive, they were all down in the grass hidden)...really exciting to hear their distinct, warbly song! They're baaaaack! I have to smile every time I see a photo face-forward, they look so comical... 

The killdeer have also arrived in S Dakota, still as camera shy as ever...this fellow was at quite a distance, blending very well into the landscape...they too have a distinct call, very eerie...this one is near Bear Butte Lake, my next stop...

Shouldn't a bird have to PAY for such a view from its home?! Bird houses are set up around Bear Butte Lake, rent-free...Sheesh...

Northern pintails could be seen amid a distant flock of ducks; another windy one at the lake. I'm anxious to see the bobolinks BEFORE they molt, this year, at BB Lake. They gather outside of the Hills.


  1. The Meadowlark does have fat little cheeks and a clinched mouth...maybe he's thinking...What does she think she's doing?

  2. I love the spring when it finally comes. We had it today, but may have snow tomorrow. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. superb looking bird that meadow lark, so yellow!

    Enjoy all the migrants Jann!

  4. Amazing colour on that lark Jann. I only ever got to see one briefly but in it's non breeding plumage. Cracking view from the back of the birdhouse. Enjoy the Spring. FAB.

  5. Great pics of the meadow lark..he is very pretty...

  6. Great photos. I've been hearing the killdeer but haven't seen one yet. I'd give a lot to have meadowlarks back in this area.