Wednesday, April 28

Not Quite A Canyon Drive

Well, I headed out today for Spearfish as far as Sturgis and turned around and came back home, disgusted...was driving right into a front from the North and the lighting went down the drain...on the way back I took one of the dirt roads E of the Hills...

As you can see, it's finally greening up here in the mid-west...looking W towards the Hills...

I think the farmers teach their cows at an early age how to give strangers a distainful look...

Well hey, the red-winged blackbirds are back! Saw a male with really bright red patches but of course it was one of those drive-by, "Oh crud, there goooooes a good shot" moments...

I was actually excited to get my first 'take-off' shot of the year. How sad is that?!  ;o)


  1. Love that flight shot, Jann! Looks green there - I guess spring has arrrived.

  2. Those calves are giving you a serious stare, Jann...I think the rusty colored one has a human quality to his face.

  3. I was amzed at where the color ended up on that blackbird when he took flight..great shot...

  4. Is it the same bird????can;t be ???can it?? I looked again..hhmmm

  5. Jann, not sure if your much on awards but I've got one for you over at my place...It's a Beautiful Blogger Award and I really wanted you to have it..

  6. Well, you got a better shot of a red-wing than I have ever captured. I never get that patch of red!! Glad to see green is coming your your drives..even tho you had to turn back.. ;-)

  7. Great to see animals enjoying the green grass. I think we have the same problem Jann..the weather...and the best photo opportunities are through a moving car window! Love the take-off with undercarriage withdrawn. FAB.

  8. Hi jann

    no that's not at all sad, to me it means that you are in life...and that is wonderful...

    a great shot, and I love the cows too

    happy days