Tuesday, June 22

On the Road Again: Day 1

I hit the road this morning at 6:20 AM, and landed at my destination in W Montana just in time for the 5 PM rush hour...happy to be here in one piece considering the near accident I encountered as motorcycles and vehicles just ahead of me on the Interstate had to dodge a camper shell that had just flipped off a pickup truck and smashed into the middle of the highway. Gads. Thankfully no one crashed or hit any debris.

If you click on this photo you'll get an enlargement to see better...then you need to hit your browser's back arrow to come back to my blog...this photo is for my mom, there's two cowboys on horses to the left of the herd...one is hard to see, behind the cows...this was in Wyoming. It took less than 4 hours to cross the entire state...

It's always exciting to see mountains again when I travel back west...even if they're named the Crazy Mountains, and are snow-capped! The crazies are in Montana. As you can see on the right, I was gaining on a train...Tomorrow I head into Idaho and land in Oregon.

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  1. Loved the photo of your driving straight for the mountains!