Wednesday, June 16

Sun, Song, and Spring Fever

Tues. the sun was finally out again, after three days of doom and gloom, so naturally I went for a seemed the birds were as thrilled to see sunshine again as I was...this is another 2-part post, starting with my drive down Sheridan Lake Rd. with the usual stops along Spring Creek...

I can't figure out what this is...the silhouette doesn't seem to match any in the field was a large hawk-like bird...the head seems all white...(update: the vote is that it's an osprey, and I concur after Googling the bird; my field guide only shows a lighter phase.)

At the first turn-out, I was tip-toeing in the underbrush by Spring Creek when I realized I was almost on top of two squirrels eating pinecones...the one below was smaller...female or offspring...? It was trying to share the larger squirrel's snack but was being snubbed.

A chipping sparrow was flitting about in the same spot...

...And a willow flycatcher or two...

And plenty of song sparrows were in a very cheerful mood, tolerating my presence...

Back at the car, this robin was hopping about, gathering grass for nest material...

At turn-out two, a (red-eyed?) vireo was carrying a tune up in the oak leaves. Most of my photos were disappointing due to lighting, but I did see a large variety of birds...more to share Fri.


  1. Jann,
    Is your unidentified raptor by any chance an osprey? They have an all white head, there is a pair that nests near Pactola, and several others in the Hills, you might have been within its territory

  2. Beautiful pictures. I agree with Caroline and think it is an Osprey. It is great to have enough time to do a few comments.

  3. I see them all the time, but the Robin with his mouth so full and the song sparrow singing were my favorites.


  4. your raptor does Indeed look like an Osprey Jann. Nice sighting :-)

  5. I really enjoy hearing birds sing, especially first thing in the morning. They sound so cheerful. Love the squirrels. We have a couple in the back yard that enjoy taunting the dog. I like to think they are playing together like kids. They all seem to be having fun.