Wednesday, June 2

Western Tanager Wows

The Huz took me for a buzz on the 4-wheeler, up in the foothills today...We'd only intended to go part-way up the gravel road that leads to the trail, where we stopped and walked up to a ridge where Huz has hunted before, a really nice spot to look at wildflowers and look for birds...a man came along that Huz knew, who informed us that the trail gate was open, so we rode up the trail to the top of the hill, and stopped. I was chasing after what turned out to be a junco when out of nowhere, a flash of yellow! I literally held my breath when I realized it was  No. 1 on my wish list, the Western tanager! It spent a bit of time at one tree, then another, tolerating my slowly creeping all I watched the bird for about 10 min., thrilled beyond words for this rare chance encounter.....

And lastly, a good look at the tanager from behind...after following him to a few different trees, he moved further away and I let him go...totally stupified by his sudden visit, and feeling so blessed to have the chance to see a W. tanager that close up.....
I did see a spotted towhee beforehand, when we were on that ridge at the base of the foothills..see how he so intently sang his heart out...there was another one out of sight nearby echoing the same song back.


  1. What a treat for you, Jann. He's a beautiful bird, which I haven't seen myself, but we do have several Towhees, that sing "Drink your Teeea"
    Your photos of the Western tanager are perfectly stunning, Jann!

  2. Wow! Gorgeous. What a lucky find. And he was so kind as to pose for you. ;)

  3. A WOW!! bird indeed Jann, bet you were really pleased with that :-)