Friday, July 2

Trinidad, No. California

The small coastal town of Trinidad is nestled along a cozy, beautiful cove just 23 miles north of my hometown...the beach near the marina is one of two favorites of mine...

This is a tower replica of the actual lighthouse that is on Trinidad Head nearby...the replica is above the boat basin and Trinidad can see the coast line heading south for a lot farther than my camera could capture... 

The Trinidad cove and coastline...

On Trinidad Beach, instead of seagulls I had a crow looking for handouts as I ate my picnic one point I looked up and it was within two feet of me, yikes! Hey, that rock looks like a big turtle...

The view as one walks along the shore...can you make out a lone seagull in the shallow tide?

The rock in the foreground is covered in large mussels...

A close-up of barnacles and smaller mussels...

The old man by the still watching over Trinidad Beach...can you see him?

When the tide is low, you can walk all the way to this rock arch...I guess if the tide were at its lowest you could wade through the hole and further along, but I've never done it. Not advisable if the tide's coming in!


  1. That looks so cool and is 95+ in the Hills today!

  2. Beautiful shoreline, Jann.
    The old man by the sea is so obvious...I saw him immediately, even before I read of it.


  3. Hey Sis,
    Oh how beatiful it is! Never tire looking at the view; never. My Trinidad mobile hangs in the laundry room, 'tinkling away' as I write. Thinking of you on this 4th of July. A