Saturday, August 7

Sky Watch Saturday

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Sky Watch Fri., but what can I say...our daughter, Chibble Cheeks, arrived for a four-day visit yesterday from Denver...anywho, the first photo below was taken after a hellacious rain storm passed over a few days ago, the kind that flash floods are made the rain water was pouring down the street and up onto the sidewalks, and the rain gutters on the house were pouring over with the water too...

Below is yesterday's sunset...behind a wall of clouds...


  1. Storms sure do make fantastic pics. Love the action in the first and the calm before the storm in the second.

  2. That sure is one angry looking sky! We've just had a bit of rain and dark clouds here but it doesn't seem so bad compared to the sky in your great photos.

  3. Hi Jann,
    I'm with you...I don't have friends like that either...wouldn't it be nice to have that?
    Have a great weekend all the same!

  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL looking storm clouds, Jann!