Sunday, August 1

Wild Bergamot/Beebalm/Horsemint/Antiseptic

The wild bergamot grows abundantly all over the Black's a lavender-colored mint that contains thymol, a natural antispetic compound commonly used in mouthwashes. Plains Indians used bergamot tea to treat colds and can be found, rarely, in white...and I know a spot in the E Hills, reached by the off-road trail we go four-wheeling on, where the white bergamot can be found...

There is only a small patch of the white bergamot, easily overlooked among all the lavender...

But up close, the white is striking amid all that lavender....

Also abundant is the spreading dogbane, pretty in candy-stripe pink...the branches tend to run parallel to the ground, the leaves looking like they're hanging on a clothesline...

Some things are just a puzzlement...

There are several types of goldenrod in the Hills, some hard to tell apart, but I believe this is Missouri goldenrod, which is common...

A fritillary (Aphrodite, Northwestern, or Callippe) on silverleaf scurfpea...

The silverleaf scurfpea (love the name!) grows parallel to the ground, it's another legume...the greenery is a silvery color...

The daisy fleabane is growing fairly abundantly now, it's one of many asters in the Hills, some of which don't grow until Aug.


  1. Hi Jann, thank you for coming to my blog and trying to help me identify my bird, Warren came to my rescue with a common buzzard,
    I am from Cornwall England.
    I have been looking round your blog and love what I have seen here, hope you will allow me to visit again, many thanks,

  2. I don't ever remember seeing white Beebalm or a tire up a tree!

  3. Very enjoyable blog. I must say the Black Hills in general and Custer State Park are one of my favorite places in the world. We often stop in spring and fall on our way to visit the grandkids in Colorado.

  4. I'm a big fan of wildflowers. I think they are beautiful, as in these shots. A tire in a tree, okay. Tornado? or weirdo? Hmm...

  5. I love that I can visit and not have to deal with humidity or "no see-ums" that bite! I absolutely love your blog and all the info that you post along with it. Thanks for "nature walk" in all you do. Teresa

  6. Hi J,

    One of the hardest thing about my blog is identifying all the plants. I have a photo of Spreading Dogbane in an upcoming post and you just identified it for me. Whooo Hooo. Thanks!


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