Wednesday, August 11

Wildflowers and a Sulfur

I haven't gotten out w/ the camera in several days, and won't for a few more days's Sturgis Bike Week right now and the area is like a giant beehive with thousands of bikers buzzing around...but I still have the photos below that I haven't shared yet, from the last day of July...

The nodding onion is from the Lily Family, and it is an edible wild onion...the bulb that of two wild onions in the Hills...

In a previous post I was confused by the wildflower guide, between the black-eyed Susan and the prairie coneflower...why I didn't see that the guide does point out that the coneflower's petals hang downward...which I knew (or thought I knew) beyond me...I'm aging, staring down 50 so bear with me...this IS a black-eyed Susan...

Yellow sweet clover is very abundant in the Hills...

The white sweet clover blooms later in the year than the yellow and is less abundant...another indication that summer marches on...usually summer is over as soon as Sept. arrives...blaaah...

Another pinedrops photo...they fascinate me...clusters of mini Chinese lanterns...they can grow up to three feet high, and this one was about that tall...

The harebell doesn't seem as abundant this year as it usually the bee balm, it also has a rare white version, which I found last year...

A clouded sulfur, pretty common here.


  1. Wow ! What a riot of colour, great looking butterfly Jann. :-)

  2. I love the lilac/butterfly header Jann! The pinedrops does have an unusal look, I think!

  3. Hi Jann. Another lovely collection of the colourful local flora. FAB.

  4. I also love the new header, as usual. And your lovely photos.

  5. Hi Jann.
    Great display of floral photo's, especially the Pinedrops.

  6. You are an awesome photographer and I love the background music-so nice to relax to during the visual experience.

  7. An awesome collection of wildflowers. I especially like the pinedrops.