Thursday, November 11

Blue, Eared, and Pied-Billed

Right now I'm in Calif. at my parents' house...made it out of Bozeman, Montana Tues. morning ok...W Montana is mountainous, but the forecast had been clear...oh well...just 2" of snow, no biggie...we spent Tues. night in The Dalles, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge...left early AM so didn't see the Gorge really...but we've seen it before...

I'll be posting photos from Calif. the meantime, thought I'd share more from S Dakota...below is the blue jay that's visiting our sunflower feeder every few days...

I took a drive through the Ft. Meade Rec Area again the time, the sumac (above) was deep red still...

I saw one cluster of blue asters still hanging on...

I visited 'the pond' E of the Black Hills also, the growing eared grebe chicks are larger yet, but still no red eyes like the adults...they're grey...

There were a couple pied billed grebes too, possibly juvies.

The birds here around my parents' house are pretty interesting, compared to what little I see at my own house...course it's mild and humid here, and we're having sunny nice weather. I hope to at least do one birding drive while here, to one of the nearby refuges.


  1. The summac has lost it's leaves here, mornings are cold and crisp but days are mild and dry, so far!

  2. One of ''Your'' pied billed grebes has made it all the way over to us Jann. It's causing quite a stir :-)

  3. Hi Jann.
    Those Blue Jays are a nice looking bird, as for the Eared Grebes, we call them Black Necked Grebes over her in the UK.
    There is a Pied Bill Grebe over here at the moment like Warren said. There was one here some years ago on a small village lake near Ashford, Kent, which I was lucky enough to see. There a nice little bird. Nice photo's Jann.