Thursday, December 2

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

On the return road trip from N. Calif., the Huz and I stopped on 11/18 along the Columbia River Gorge, to look at Multnomah Falls, one of several falls in the gorge. We've seen the falls before, years ago, but it's worth another look-see...the gorge is between the Oregon/Washington state borders and you can drive on either side...I've never been on the WA's impossible to get a photo of the river to do it any justice...let's just say, the river is amazing, the scenery fabulous...a drive along I-84 is worthy of a spot on your bucket list...

The view of Multnomah Falls from across the highway...there's a path that leads under the traffic to the you can see, it wasn't a sunny can see a wisp of a 2nd fall to the right of MF...the bldg. below, hidden in the trees, used to be Multnomah Lodge but is now a gift shop and restaurant.

We didn't walk the steep path to the bridge, having done that our previous visit...

The view below the bridge...there are people on the bridge in this shot...

There were large yellow and smaller, bright red maple leaves all over the paved viewing area below the falls. We smuggled a big yellow leaf home...  :-}

Multnomah Falls is a 30 min. drive E of Portland...the top tier of the Falls is 542 feet long and the bottom tier has a 69 ft drop, or a total of a 611 ft drop. Benson Bridge is named after the man who owned the falls but gave the land to the city of Portland before his death. The falls doesn't dry up in the summer. Rain water, snow melt, and an underground spring feed the falls year-round.


  1. Those fals look incredible Jann, stunning! nothing like that here :-)

    PS roll on summer :-)

  2. You captured some beautiful photos of the falls, Jann. The photo with people on the bridge looks very dramatic, when enlarged...a little scary!

  3. Beautiful...but was it chilly?