Saturday, May 1

A New Award!

I was so excited when Angie of Good to Be a Queen, Welcome to My Palace (  passed on a Beautiful Blog award to me, I didn't pay attention to the rules of accepting the award, ha! Well I've just read her post and will follow those rules now...

Angie is the proud granddaughter, daughter, and sister of a coal mining family, now living in Georgia, where she's doing a wonderful job with her new business, Organically Yours, selling bath and body products...she's also a big fan of the TV show "24" and Jack Bauer, the main character, and is more than a tad bit peeved that the show has been cancelled!

Ok I'm also supposed to post ten tidbits about myself that my fellow bloggers may not Angie, I think I'll keep it down to just a few...

1. I've been doing Weight Watchers since last Nov. and as of today's weigh-in, I've lost 25 lbs.!! Yessss!
2. I'm a native Californian, born and raised on the coast of N. Calif., which was pointed out last year when I posted photos from my trip back there to see some of my family. I believe I will always have a bit of moss growing on the north side of my brain and a deeply embedded love of ocean and sandy beaches.
3. I can paint, but haven't in many years. I really hope to get back to that hobby soon.

I'm supposed to pass the award on...I'll keep it to three...I'm guessing my male blogger friends wouldn't care to receive this particular award, so know that you are thought of anyway...

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  1. Thank you Jann...I will put it and a thank you on my side bar. I came here by way of the comment you left, which takes one to your profile. There I saw the 'sweet' name of your planned blog. Very clever! It made me smile!

  2. Hi jann

    that is very kind of you, thank you. it is nice to see you around in the ether again - you and your wonderful birds. Thank you for your generous comments back at my home.

    Happy days