Friday, October 22

Spearfish Canyon

On the first day of October, I took a drive down Spearfish Canyon even though I knew I was a little late to view the autumn colors at their prime there, which is in late Sept. You might think, what difference does a few days locals know, it does matter, because the prairie winds find their way into the canyon and give the dying leaves a good thrashing, pretty much daily...but I did find some color yet intact...

But first things first...I stopped at the N end of the canyon, at a spot I like to look around...the creek was bone dry, a surprise...some creeks in the Black Hills do tend to drop underground...last time I looked, the creek was running above ground here...anyway, I was able to walk in the creek bed, where I discovered a chipmunk busily stuffing ticklegrass into its cheeks...

...And the poison ivy was a pretty deep coral color...

And the Western virgin's bower was still in its fruit stage...heads of achenes with silky, feathery beaks...

...Further S., I made a feeble attempt to shoot Bridal Veil Falls, knowing the light was all wrong...

...And further still, patches of sumac could be seen, a brilliant red...

At the Roughlock Falls area, the Motherwort was in bloom...a mint...

The woodbine was pretty shades of wine...

And the forget-me-nots were scattered all over as usual...

Below Roughlock Falls from the bridge, looking further downstream...

Heading back, along the road to the Falls, which is in Little Spearfish Canyon.


  1. Loved the chipmunk stuffing ticklegrass into his cheeks and the view on the road back was lovely!

  2. Roughlock falls looks beautiful, such a wildlife haven :-)

  3. I love the photos of the chipmunk. Great post.

  4. GORGEOUS place and beautiful photos. You are most obviously an expert photographer. These pictures are amazing. The chipmunk is too cute and even the poison ivy looks beautiful!
    Patricia :o)

  5. Hi Jann.
    I like the Chipmunk shots, their a cute looking character. The rest of your photo's are great, hard to pick a favourite, although the leaf comes close, great colouring.

  6. Jann,
    Look at our headers! The things through two viewfinders in two places surprise me so much some times!
    Love the chipmunk!

  7. Jann,

    Great effort as usual. I really miss the Black Hills and you capture the feeling of what we all miss. Thanks for what you do!


  8. Jann,
    Such a discerning eye and wealth of knowledge about our beautiful Black Hills wildlife and plant life. So glad you keep these posts going. Good job! Thank you. Ann