Saturday, October 9

Wyoming Blondes

As I've mentioned, the Huz and I recently traveled to Denver, Colorado to visit our daughter and pass the Huz off to his brother, who met us there. And then a week later, having brought the convalescing daughter home w/ me, I took daughter back to Denver...of course I managed to take some photos along the road trips back and forth, mainly while passing thru the S (and central) E corner of Wyoming......

On the first trip down, the Huz and I stopped to eat lunch at a turn-out, where I took photos of this pretty rabbitbrush, a bushy shrub from the Aster Family...

This was the view at the lunch stop area...

Chugwater, Wyoming has a rest stop...not much the name! It is a handy pitstop considering how far one is from any real civilization...there are neat rock formations (walls) in the area...

On the way home the second time around, I stopped to read this historical sign...

And to take photos of the pale blonde prairie's gorgeous!

Another shot, as I was driving along...

And another, hard to capture what it truly looks like, both sides of the road for miles.


  1. Nice to see an unspoilt landscape jann. Looks really interesting and ancient.

  2. You seem to have captured the vastness of the plains well, Jann. Especially liked the photos of the windmill and your view at lunch time!

  3. Hi Jann.
    It looks like you had a very interesting trip. Nice photographs.

  4. I haven't been to Wyoming. Looks much more impressive than I had it pictured. Great shots! Love the Chugwater, too. ;)