Thursday, October 7

Unusual Visitors -- Take Two

Ok, I'm going to try this post again...I meant to share some bird shots and the spider but only got as far as the spider before Blogger got pissy with me.....

We've had some unusual critters showing up in our yard lately....

If anyone can tell me what bird this is I'd be thrilled...the closest I can guess is one of the thrushes or thrashers...? None in the field guides truly match but maybe this one has variances...Very rare visit and not the best photo due to distance and shade. It arrived in mid Sept., passing thru during migration?
Update: I'd agree that this is a brown thrasher, probably a juvie due to some variances from an adult. Thanks for your input W. & P.!

This blue jay has visited 3-4 times now in the past week or tries to get sunflower seeds from the tube feeder but is too big...I always hear its squawking and have to be real careful it doesn't see me or it takes off. This shot was thru blinds and a window so isn't the best...

And again, the yellow and black spider in the roses in our front yard. We've never seen this spider before, anywhere in this area, but of course that doesn't mean it's unusual; Caroline has noted they like her ripe tomato plants. Eeeew.

Well the gorgeous weather continues, amazingly, so I'm off w/ the camera today in search of photo ops...I've been under the weather the past few days, so I need some rays.....


  1. The bird looks just like our Brown Thrashers, but I may be wrong! Those Blue Jays are squawking here too, Jann...Years ago I believe one stole my eyeglasses from the front porch!

  2. It looks like a baby brown thrasher whose eyes haven`t yet changed to the orange color.phylliso