Wednesday, October 6

Unusual Visitor

Well it seems every time I try to open my photos to upload onto the Blog, it takes longer and longer to get the photo files to open...NO clue what the problem is but I am beyond exasperated!! I realize it could have to do with the large amt of photos and I probably need to move old stuff to a flash drive...anyway, I did manage to get one photo onto a post, as you can see. My least favorite critter is the spider, but this one is too interesting to not take is residing in one of our rose bushes. We've been having gorgeous weather for the past several days, very unusual for Sept./Oct. Yesterday it was 90 in Rapid City; a year earlier it was snowing and in the 40's... 


  1. Nice photo Jann......for a spider :-) Not keen on spiders ! Wierd weather you're getting, it's set to be warm here too at the weekend .

  2. The lovely lady, Argiope. They favor the tomato plants in my garden and about give me heart failure when the tomatoes get ripe. They certainly are startling when you reach in the vines with a BLT in mind.