Saturday, January 16

Bird Brain

Oops...I did see the usual winter-time birds around Custer Park on Wed., including a few birds of prey, which as usual I'm not sure about...

The dark-eyed juncos were plentiful...

Yet another bird of prey sighted that I can't ID...??

And some cute-as-ever black-capped chickadees flitting here and there.


  1. Your photos are perfect Jann...they make realize just how clean birds stay...

  2. Pretty sure your bird of prey
    is a Golden Eagle.

    Hap in New Hope

  3. Wish I could help with the Raptor Jann, but i'm not up to scratch on North American birds, reading your blog has helped me somewhat though!

  4. Hi Jann. The broad black tail band plus wing shape & size suggests Golden Eagle.

  5. I've been having fun catching up. Lots of interesting shots here. I especially like the bison. Hubby thinks Golden Eagle, too.