Wednesday, January 20

One Year Ago, Sort of

I'm taking a break from my photography right now...winter blahs are settling in, which is ok since I need to have my camera cleaned (taking it in tomorrow) and that means no camera for 2-3 weeks. I also need to go through my '09 photos and do some serious spring cleaning. So, until March I'll be mostly posting older photos...not like there's a shortage of those...these were taken last Jan. and Feb....

This is county road #101 last January, it runs W/E below Wind Cave Park.

This is probably my favorite enhanced photo, a zig-zag pole fence in Silver City, a tiny town hidden in the Black Hills.

I thought this snow pattern looked interesting...also in Silver City.

Another tweaked photo...Queen Anne's lace near Sylvan Lake in the NW corner of Custer Park.


  1. The tree at the curve of the road, in itself it is beautiful, but I like how it seems to dictate the path the road takes.

  2. I love that rail fence. Probably a pain to mow around but so pretty.

  3. The stump is my favorite - I like the texture and shape

  4. I love those old fences. Here we call them a buck fence.

  5. The eye sees and the camera captures. Super series from the archives Jann.

  6. Another stunning series...I love the tree and road. If only I could capture what your eye captures....Hold on Spring will be here before you know it....I sure hope..The south is cold too, we have one nice day and two freezing days...I could use a splash of color down here also...Take Care my friend