Sunday, January 3

Cedar Waxwings Visit

Bohemian waxwings can be seen here in winter, and I was hoping, but the underside of the tail is white so it's a cedar...the bohemians have reddish under-tails, darn it. I was putting the feeders out this morning, when this waxwing landed in the poplar tree as I was passing it. I managed to get a few crummy photos...there was another one in the back neighbor's yard near the fence also. They like berries, wish I had some!


  1. Just before winter there were about 50 cedar waxwings gathering in the trees here by the house...doing their bzeee bzeee bzeee sound.
    Of course my phoros were not as good as yours Jann!

  2. I'm surprised they spend the winters there. They pass thru here spring and fall. We still have some berries hanging on for the waxwings northern migration.

  3. I have only ever seen a waxwing once Jann, fantastic little birds.