Saturday, January 9

Song Sparrow Visits

Song sparrows visit my backyard feeders in the spring, summer...but this is the first one I've seen since winter came blasting in...and of course I couldn't get any good photos, through the glass. It's supposed to be 30-40 F the next few days so I plan to get out tomorrow. Maybe today, but I just can't decide where to go and the winter frumpies are winning the battle so far...

(Note: I had orig. labeled this a house sparrow, though I meant song sparrow...I am forever getting the two mixed up! Thanks for saying something, Marnie.)


  1. How lovely! I am not taking photos at the moment and I really must get back into the swing of things. I will live vicariously through my blogging sisters.

  2. Your pictures are exquisite. I simply love reading your blog. I'm a nature lover/stalker, too. Thanks for sharing.

    A Midwest winter sufferer,

  3. Hi Jann, his head doesn't look like a house sparrow's. Maybe it's just the light.