Thursday, January 14

Just Another Day at Custer State Park

Imetam, thank you for visiting, I am really touched that my blog has moved you so...fabulous!

I took another one of my photo-op drives yesterday ~ gotta enjoy this sunny, warm weather while it's here...50+ in Jan. is unreal! As usual, I went out with no expectations and ended up beyond satisfied. I wasn't on the wildlife loop in CSP very long when I witnessed, for the second time no less, something considered a rare sighting...a herd of bison running at full gallop! I roared down the road, ignoring the 35 mph speed limit (just this once!) to get closer for some photos....hard to tell they're running but trust me, they was awesome!

As I drove along past the fencing, which is dotted with bird houses, I realized that all of the houses had been opened and cleaned out. Getting ready for this coming spring! Mostly the tree swallows nest in them.

There were bison everywhere, down out of the trees to enjoy the warmer temps...those white tags on their back sides means they were sold last Aug. but haven't been collected yet...

The prairie dogs were as sassy as ever, guarding their territory...

Oh, hey! Is that a coyote?! Always a cheap thrill for me to see for some reason...they'll move away from any intruding humans, but they always stop and look, and I was ready...he's looking winter woolly...

I was wondering where the antelope were, didn't see any for awhile, then eventually came upon two females...and later a good-sized herd...

After leaving the park at the east entrance, same way I went in, I was startled to see a bald eagle standing in a snow-covered pasture...I screeched to a hasty halt and snuck out of the car around to the back side to get a couple shots before it flew off to some trees. Lovely way to end my outing!


  1. You really scored, Jann! What a majestic Eagle, and the Coyote is looking right at you.

  2. Oh isn't the Eagle stately! I have always adored Eagles. In the upper peninsula I once got to see one, but I didn't have my camera on me. Such a grand creature.

    I love the shot of the coyote and the antelope, too! Thank you for taking your pictures. Your blog is like a little retreat. Or treat :)

  3. You had a very successful outing Jann. I can imagine the excitement of seeing the bison running. Coyotes are starting to be sighted here, haven't seen one myself though.

  4. Whow Jann, what a fabulous outing starting with running Bison and finally a perched Bald Eagle. Fantastic.

  5. I hope the eagles are doing well in the park.

    Those are all great photos. I didn't realize that the bison were sold. I'm sorry to hear that.

    I've had to open all my bird houses too. The chickadees were drilling hole in them.