Wednesday, April 22

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Ruben and I went for a ride in the Z4 yesterday, our first "real" trip w/ the top down in the new toy. It's about 80 miles to Devil's Tower, WY from home. It was about 70 degrees, and the sky was covered in white cottonball of the plus things about spring. We ate lunch at Quizno's in Spearfish on the way, and relaxed in the picnic area of the gift shop at the entrance to the US's first National Monument.

There were tiny yellow weed flowers in the grass there, yesssss! ;o) We took the back road thru Alva (pop. 50), back to I-90. A red fox ran across the road in front of us, and we saw many deer nibbling the new grass.

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  1. What a beautiful day for your drive to Devil's Tower! I haven't been there in such a long time! Nice photo!!