Friday, April 10

Tilford Road

I went for a ride today, looking for a photo op...took the service road that we live off of, NW to Tilford Road, which heads E and is unpaved...I have been very curious to see what's up that way. I drove a few miles, passing ranches, and this interesting rock formation. The Black Hills have many of such rocks that form canyon walls and what's left of canyon walls, so I wonder what this looked like a zillion years ago.

Ruben and I also went for a ride today in his recently-purchased mini beemie, which isn't getting much use in winter...rode west to Spearfish for lunch, then back to Rapid City and south along Sheridan Lake Rd. We saw lots and lots of deer feeding on the exposed, greening grass. And wild turkeys, and some big horn sheep near Hill City. All hopeful signs that winter WILL end and we'll have summer before too long...I don't think we'll have much spring at all, at this point!

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