Friday, April 3

It's Snowing

This is George, our good friend and neighbor, and Ruben's boss as well...during the blizzard that hit a few days ago, plowing and shoveling our driveway. I mentioned earlier that after he did this, the next morning we had two feet of snow drift in this same spot.
It's late morning and it has begun to snow...I was hoping, or pretending, that the next storm wouldn't come in until late tonight or tomorrow. But, here we go again, NOW!
A year ago today, my mom and I were heading to Bryce Canyon in Utah, after having spent overnight at the Grand Canyon; her first visit there, my 2nd exactly a year later. Now's a good time to pull out and polish off those fond memories! Oh wait...that involved cold and snow too...


  1. Bet you wish you were on your way to Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon...ANY canyon that is snowless!!!

  2. Although it's beautiful there, I'm so happy we don't have to deal with snow like that!