Wednesday, April 8

Pass the Tissues Please

OH Turkey Feathers!!

I will not cry...I will not cry...the news that we are to get yet more snow tonight and tomorrow, has put me in a slightly fowl mood...I didn't realize how fowl until I bumped into a full-blown pet peeve of mine, a person standing right in the entrance pathway of a super busy, major superstore...I managed to mumble an "Oops, excuse me," but that certainly was not what I wanted to say. Then there was the woman w/ two kids tagging along behind her, walking right in front of me and the shelf I was eyeballing, without a single hint of an "excuse me." That polite blurp is practically extinct here. ARG!!

Ok, on the plus side...and this is very sketchy at best...I have yet to get a photo of a buffalo with snow on his hair (fur?)...a lofty goal of mine...and hope springs eternal even though I know the chances are Sat. any snow that falls Thurs. would be melted, shaken, or rubbed off...

Oh yes Jaynee-poo, we are going out Sat. into the wild blue (or gray) yonder, come hell or high water...or snow, dammit.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the "fowl" mood, but certainly understand!! Think positive and focus on all those photo opportunities just waiting to be had this weekend!! See you soon!