Tuesday, April 7

The Simplest Art Form

I noticed the fire hydrant across the street yesterday. There was a bit less of it showing then; it's a good way to gauge how much snow is melting each day, huh? Today, I went ahead and took the shot, hoping none of the neighbors saw me...cause really, it must've looked a bit peculiar, like maybe I plan on complaining to city hall about how snow blocking access to a hydrant must be a violation of city code...

I'm working on a photo memory book online finally, one that showcases all my favorite wildflower photos from '07 and '08 in one place. The 10 cheapie booklets I have already just don't cut it. I guess I'll do a seperate scenery and/or wildlife book, too.

Jayne and I plan on another field trip this weekend; can't wait! Ruby Vee is itching to go too...that's my tough little Honda CR-V, which, of course, is ruby slipper red. She totally gets me.

1 comment:

  1. I think the fire hydrant is going to have more snow piled upon it! Have you heard the weather! WHEN is it going to end?!?!?!! Still planning on Saturday...should I bring winter survival gear? LOL