Friday, April 17

The Unidentifieds

Into every wildflower photographer's life must fall...(besides rain, snow, and wind)...a handful of plant life that cannot readily be identified.....

(Left) This is an interesting, large seed pod Jayne and I found at the Cascade Falls area (south of Hot Springs) this winter. C Falls is at the very south end of the Black Hills, an area more desert-like than the rest of the B Hills. I have no clue what this is....but it rang a distant bell.....

(Below) Aha! I found this weird plant, also south of Hot Springs, in Aug. '07. I'm pretty sure that both are the same plant species. It doesn't exist in my "Botany Bible," as I call my well-loved copy of "Plants of the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mts." I need to keep digging, to find out what this is! We didn't see this plant in '08 even though we were down in the area in late Aug. Ok, so we were there at dusk, with the sole purpose of capturing the tenpetal blazingstar, a fabbie flower that only opens at sundown.

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