Wednesday, March 17

Hairy or Downy?!

The one tell-tale difference between the two woodpeckers is the length of the bill. The hairy woodpecker is far more common in this region, but its bill is more than half the width of its head...which makes me think this is the shorter-billed downy woodpecker. I heard/saw two of them in a wooded picnic area near Sturgis today. They were also definitely smaller than the hairy woodpecker that I've taken several photos of in the past. (Downy is 2" smaller.) I also it zipped by ahead of my car...a Mt. bluebird! The first one of 'spring'.  :o)

Hmm, what does this remind you of.....?

The white-breasted nuthatch of course...captured here during an upright moment.


  1. I have mosty Downy Woodpeckers at my feeders. The Eastern Bluebirds just returned here a few days ago, they're checking out the nest boxes!
    Hope they reside in a couple or more!

  2. Definitely a downy:) We have robins and redwinged blackbirds but haven't seen a bluebird here yet.