Monday, March 1

A Nutty Nuthatch

One day I watched a white-breasted nuthatch...

As it zigged...

And it zagged...

It just wouldn't hold still...

No matter how much I begged...and begged...

It hammered and it pecked...

All up and down a tree...

Until I was quite exasperated, and very, very dizzy!

(Note: photo No. 5, the nuthatch has a round seed in its beak. Photos taken at Wind Cave 2-24, same day as the eagle photos.)


  1. Know how you feel Jann, they are tricky blighters to get a photo of!

  2. Keeping up with the nuthatches can be quite neck breaking..but it looks like you caught him on every reverse!! What a cutie too!

  3. Love your header. Altho I hear coyotes every night, I almost never see one.

    Amazing how those little nuthatches are able to cling to trees at almost any angle.

  4. The header is really nice. I tried to take a few shots of a woodpecker last evening. I didn't have time to set up my tripod, so all the shots turned out blurry. It was nice to see him back. Gives me hope for spring.

    Nice series of shots.

  5. Fab shots Jann. You should be proud of these bearing in mind how active this species is.