Monday, March 15

A Major Announcement

No photo today; I haven't been out w/ the camera since the bald eagle/coyote sighting. I do hope to get out Wed., though, and I'm excited about's going to be around 60 F!

About that announcement...I apologize to my wonderful blog buddies for not keeping up with your blogs lately...I will get back on track, I miss you...the Huz and I have been very busy and distracted lately with prepping our house for putting it on the RE market. Today, our agent came over and we signed the paperwork, she took photos, and the sale sign went up. I've been a bundle of emotions the past several weeks, since we made the final decision for Huz to retire the end of this year vs. the end of 2011. Many things to consider, etc etc.

We will be moving to the south, near Florida, so that we can be near beaches again...we both grew up near an ocean and miss it terribly. This will be our third move out-of-state, and like our move to S Dakota, I've never even been where we're going next....Alabama. Why there? Long story...great RE prices, even greater low property taxes, no state income tax for the Huz, and it puts us very close to Florida w/o the hurricanes and higher costs of living....oh and no more seven months of winter ea year....

What will I do for photograpy? You did catch that Florida will basically be our backyard, right? I'm very excited about the abundance of bird life there as well as seeing what I will find in Alabama and beyond.

I will be concentrating on bird photography once we move, but know that I will find other wildlife as well. And of course I will have a new blog!

Speaking of birds....I saw my first robin yesterday! Yesss! Now to see some GREEN other than the Ponderosa pines.....still have TWO months or more to go for the countryside to be all green, ARG!


  1. Very best wishes on your move! I will look forward to whatever you share with us from Alabama, I've never visited there.

  2. A few years ago we considered moving to the Huntsville area. It didn't work out, and then we bought our Tree Farm in North Florida, so here is where we will stay.

    I think Alabama is beautiful, and I'm sure you will love all of the photo opportunities there.

  3. Jann, just reading your post tapped into my emotions, change does that sometimes, but how exciting it all sounds too. There's lizzards and alligators in Florida too, you know! I've been to Florida and Alabama several times, both are beautiful. I'm sure when you arrive there, I will see even more of it through your photos!

  4. Hi Jann, sounds like you are both excited about the move. Hope your house sale goes smoothly.

    I lived in Alabama for many years and the birding is wonderful there.

  5. good luck on the move - I look forward to seeing the birds of florida!

  6. Jann, Very exciting news for you! I wish you well on your house sale. I believe you'll find great Nature to photograph wherever you are.