Friday, March 26

Spring is Sprunging!

I went for another one of my drives yesterday, getting out to enjoy the sunshine. It's almost April and still no sign of any wildflowers at all, but there are many signs that spring is arriving...

Ok this shot was taken two days ago, in my backyard...first robin to visit that I know of...

So back to yesterday's drive...I saw a few busy red squirrels along Spring Creek at a spot I like to visit...this one seemed to be trying to bite off more than it could chew w/ that big cone...

Also along Spring Creek, the chickadees were being inquisitive and getting close to me, which is a typical trait of theirs...and the red-breasted nuthatches, also seen but too flitty to capture...

Spring Creek, N of Sheridan Lake, still has plenty of snow patches, and the 'brownery' hasn't turned back into greenery yet. I did, however, see many signs of the first green appearing...Yay! NO wildflowers to speak of yet, though, dang it. Not even the early pasqueflowers.


  1. Hi Jann,
    Lovely bird shots - I think your spring is just around the corner. Your new wallpaper really looks springy!

  2. No wild flowers here yet either but it can't be much longer. We are in for unseasonably warm weather this week, hope it will be as nice in your area.

    I lived in northern Alabama for quite a while. It was hard for me to get used to the heat, not sure I ever did. I guess almost everyplace has its pros and cons.

  3. Such beautiful photos...and a sure sign that spring is in the air!

  4. Wonderful photos from your drive..send some of that sun our way..I am eager to be out and about. I love your drives and what you find!!

  5. Hi Jan, I'm pleased you have's rain and more rain over here. Some lovely pics from your drive, especially the very smartly dressed Robin. FAB.

  6. Hi Jann.
    Nice selection of wildlife photo's, especially the cute Squirrel.

  7. Your bird pictures are amazing!