Friday, November 20

Birds and Bridges

The second part of my drive this past Monday, I stopped at a favorite look-out spot that has a fabulous panoramic view of the Hills. I enjoyed watching a white-breasted nuthatch going about his business among the trees in the parking area...

The nuthatches look like little sky torpedos when they do this pose...just before flying to another tree.

Doesn't look like a morning per...uh, bird, does he? Where's Starbucks when you need it?

Creeping upside down helps get the blood circulating to the brain...

Next, I drove into Horse Thief Lake, having only seen it from the road. Just W of Mt. Rushmore, it's a pretty, small lake with a campground, a wooden walk-way around one side, and a couple of path bridges. There was a thin layer of snow in the area, too.

And hey, yet another wasp/hornet nest...

On to Sheridan Lake, where I found this lovely mallard couple spending quality time together...

...And on up past Sheridan Lake to Spring Creek, where I followed this very busy, mouse-like wren skittering along the opposite side of the creek's shoreline...I couldn't get a good shot cause it didn't hold still for more than one second...I've looked and looked and it only seems to match the winter wren. If it is, then it was making a short visit before heading south. It definitely isn't the house or canyon wren, which makes it a 'lifer' for me.


  1. Jann, we had a winter wren on Rapid Creek 3 years ago (I think)when we did Audubon Christmas Bird Count in late December, they do stay around. Especially in the habitat you are describing.

  2. Nice birds today Jann. That lake shot looks great - Oh for some winter sun like that!!!

  3. Lovely photo of the lake and those magnificent rock formations Jann!

  4. Great photos Jann - i love the nickname Sky Torpedos, very appropriate!

  5. Hi Jann, that wren appears to be a Winter
    Wren to me too. That short tail & the light
    tan stripe from the eye back are good clues
    for this bird. They also have heavy barring
    on the flanks below the wings. Congrats on
    your "lifer". By the way, that Magpie photo
    on the sidebar just blows me away...WOW!!!
    Hap in New Hope (MN)

  6. I love the bride photo...But then again, I could get lost in the beauty that surrounds you every day.....