Thursday, November 5

Nutty for Nuthatches

I took another drive yesterday, gathering more 'patterns and textures' shots but not seeing much wildlife, until I stopped at a 'new' turn-out that's hard to see from the road...

...You can see the bit of bark being chipped away as this mini woodpecker (a.k.a. white-breasted nuthatch) gleans insects, spiders, and larvae (well, no larvae now) from the bark...they also eat nuts and seeds of conifers.

...Hmm, maybe it's better luck upside down...the nuthatches have an enlarged hind toe that enables them to hunt food upside down, which is amusing to watch...I was happy to get better photos this time around...

...And happy to get a bit clearer shot of a red-breasted nuthatch too.


  1. Great photos Jann - I love Nuthatches but we don't get them in Ireland (I don't think), treecreepers are the closest thing we have.

  2. Your photos are so you have a zoom lens or do you tip toe around behind a fake bush so not to startle the birds? :)

  3. I love watching nuthatches..they really can put on quite the show of running up and down those tree trunks and branches..I would love to see a red-breasted one some day..your photos are very nice!

  4. The Nuthatch family are so attractive. yet another of my favorites!

  5. My father tells me the WBNH use the reflected light from their white breasts to help them see insects.

    I had just visited a UK site with a photo of their nuthatch which looked much bluer than ours.