Saturday, November 28

Gulls, Chickadee, Baldie

Besides the deer and elk sighted a week ago at various places during an outing, friend Jayne and I saw some birds of course...

We saw several ring-billed seagulls flying over Angostura Reservoir...

And scattered on the barrier made of rubber tires, along with mallards...

A black-capped chickadee at Wind Cave, showing off its perfect little cap...

And we saw this bald eagle, and one other that was too far to photograph.

As you can see, it was an overcast, grey day, with equally grey photos.


  1. It must be real exciting to see an Eagle Jann. I bet it gets the adrenaline flowing!

  2. I took a second look at those long as they are being used and recycled is a good thing!

  3. Great pictures and a lovely post. Gulls and eagles are so fun to watch. But Chickadees are busy little creatures and friendly too. Thanks.