Wednesday, November 25

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

Pouring rain last night turned to snow, a top coat of you can see, Bambi visited our yard some time in the night...hoof prints in the snow, something to be thankful for...

Normally I set aside Wed. and Sun. as blog-free zones, but since tomorrow is a holiday, I'm going to do my Thanksgiving post today...even though I'm not doing any cooking for the holiday, which actually kind of saddens me...the huz and I will be spending the holiday with good friends and their family top ten list isn't necessarily in order of importance...

1. Re-discovering a love of birding, with the added bonus of photographing all the winged wonders. Well, almost all!

2. My two best friends, Jayne and Judy. I love you gals!

3. My continuing passion for nature photography, and having a National forest to explore and learn in.

4. My parents' relatively good health, and every day that they're still here, even if 'here' is 1,500 miles away. Of course the same goes for my siblings as well.

5. Three full weeks of a snow-free, sunny-ful November, record highs! (I won't mention the record-low October!)

6. Discovering blogging and all of the wonderful, supportive followers I have!

7. Thanks to a friend's braver example, finding the courage to join Weight Watchers to lose some extra pounds that are causing me emotional grief. Four pounds lost week #1!

8. My highly deserving husband being just two years from retirement.

9. A nice, cozy roof over my head and food in my cupboards.

10. A reliable car that takes me where I want to go...with or without pavement.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all...may it be full of happy hearts and warm laughter!


  1. I like your 10 things..I am doing weight watchers to..and am loving how much better I feel...Take care Jann..and have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. Enjoyed reading your "10" Jann, I have been baking all day...lucky you I'm thinking right now...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends Jann!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Congrats on the weight watchers..whistle whistel stomp stomp!!! Good for you..Liked your list and I, too, am glad you rediscovered your love of birding and capturing your love with your lens!
    Do hope you had a nice day with your friends and hubby!

  5. the pinecone header photo is a beauty - would make a great Christmas card. stay warm. marge

  6. I so enjoy your photos, Jann. The new header is so wonderful. I really aspire to reach 10% of your ability.