Tuesday, November 3

A Chick, Yogi, and Chip

You didn't think that the gray jay was the only thing of interest my friend and I saw on our Sunday drive, did you now?

...For some reason, the black-capped chickadees came within six feet of me as they flitted all around the bare trees and shrubs along Spring Creek...I had to un-zoom the lens...

...Ok, now I can say that I've seen a bear in the Black Hills...near Mystic...

...Chip was very busy gathering food for winter along the shore of Roubaix Lake, but he paused here and there to make sure I posed no threat.


  1. Chip looks real cool with his eye stripes - show us some more of him Jann!

  2. The chickadees come very close to me when I'm working outside. The chipmunk is a cutie.

  3. I love the photo of the chipmunk, Jann, and the bears pretty cool too! Is your Black-capped Chickadee the same as our Coal Tit, I wonder? Does it have a white stripe on the back of it's head?

  4. The chickadees are friendly here too, when the feeders are empty, I can hear them complaining, then they wait nearby while I fill them!

  5. We natives call the last critter a "Squirmonk"! That covers two kinds with one word.

    I like the new header image and have it on my link image . . .


  6. I had a pet chipmunk that hibernated in the dustmop - I didn't know it, and when I picked up the mop, out rolled the little guy, all curled up into a tight ball. I put him back in the mop, and there he stayed.

  7. Nice shots. LOL re the bear!