Thursday, November 19

Kestrel and Hawk

Monday I took a drive, starting with a look-see down the E part of Spring Creek Rd., S. of Rapid City, outside of the Hills. One of many roads I had yet to drive along...for me, where country roads are concerned, if it's there, I want to check it out. This road is a typical high prairie road...quiet and dotted with ranches or farms. When I was about to turn around, I came upon a bird hovering near the road. It hovered in one spot for several moments, observing potential prey or...? I could see it was an American kestrel, a falcon I'd only photographed once before, this past March.

It wasn't long before the kestrel flew nearby to the power line.

This was the view heading back W. toward the Hills...

I saw several raptors that day, including this hawk.


  1. They certainly have beautiful wide open spaces in which to hunt for their prey. You can see the sharpness of the beak and claws in the first photo!

  2. We have a resident kestrel living near the shop where I work. I saw him Wed. on the way home. I think they are the prettiest of the birds of prey.